The work of RJ Raizk tends to resemble the internal and external environment that he immerses and surrounds himself with. Currently living in New York, his process consists of using applications consisting of repetitive and free flowing strokes to create works that are complex structurally but rhythmic visually. His work does not only capture the flair of the environment but also the conflicting emotions attached to life in such a vibrant hub. For his pattern work, organic designs such as the cellular structure of plants and the cosmos are inspiration to his original interpretations. For his paintings, the artist’s method of bleeding pigments and stains through solid paint and other mediums results in what resembles a dying or staining process. The therapeutic qualities of this technique are intended to resonate with the viewer and enhance their experience with the work. Within the work lies the juxtaposition of calm/tension, good and evil, light and dark, happiness/sadness; the idea of two identities in one work. The imageries presented are open to interpretation. Stylistically, he gravitates towards the psychedelic and surreal, anything that can remove people from their everyday lives. We all need an escape from our individual routines and that is the motive behind his work.